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Family Tribute

March 21, 2014

The mountains are always beautiful in May so why not schedule a trip to West Jefferson this spring to see our family exhibit. Yes, I'm resurrecting "A Norwegian Legacy - Five Generations of Art" at the Arts Council in WJ in Ashe County. The show will run for the entire month of May with opening night on Thursday, May1st. I will have art on display from the Dahlin's dating back into the 1800's. There will be wood carvings, oil paintings and art done by my mother, father, sister and daughter. Hope you can make a trip up to the Blue Ridge for this special event!

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Sept. 7, 2013

I wanted to add some variety to my upcoming show at The Art Incubator in Siler City so I added some abstracts. I love the colors in this painting. It is funny how you have to feel it and be in the mood to paint an abstract. The images evolve and come to you as you paint. Sometimes you can spend days changing and repainting your composition and then there are times like this when you see the image in your head long before it hits the canvas. At first this was a vertical, then moved to horizontal -- transformed from buildings and a fence to now a keyboard. What do you see? My show "Having a Ball" opens September 20, 2013. Directions to the The Art Incubator are on the website

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Porch Time Painting

Aug. 19, 2013

I painted on the porch again this summer at Rivercross Gallery in Valle Crucis, NC. The gallery is run by the folks at Mast General Store and attracts people from all over the South. There is a little church called St. John's just down the road. Every time I paint it, it sells. So on this day I carved out another small rendition of the church that holds a special place in the hearts of so many people. If I lived close enough to the gallery, I could paint her everyday -- surrounded by the mountains, fresh air and good people!

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Wild Thing

July 30, 2013

There is no question I love to paint my animals but my second favorite thing is women with crazy hair. Making her a red head, I think, makes her all the more crazy and fun! The hardest part about painting, for me, is to get started. Once the canvas is completely coated with paint then the creative process begins. Adding a bit of green here and a spot of turquoise there can transform your direction in an instant. Knowing this lovely lady was going to wind up in a floating black frame beckoned the addition of occasional black outlines and at the last minute she was changed from a brunette to a red head. Discovery with the palette knife is like finger painting as a child. There is no wrong or right answer as far as I'm concerned.

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Fiesta Finds New Home

July 13, 2013

It is always fun to paint cows but even more fun when you get to see where they wind up. Fiesta now is proudly displayed over the couch of Raleigh's -- Chip and Susan Stone. They were so sweet to send me this photo just hours after the purchase from the Roundabout Art Collective!

Yesterday was crazy COW day all over the south as people dressed up as cows to get free meals at Chick-Fil-a. It seemed only appropriate that I would sell one of my babies on this memorable moo day!

Thanks Chip and Susan - hope the painting brings you many years of enjoyment.

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Busting Out Some Pink Balls

July 10, 2013

I did a show up at Roaring Gap, NC over the 4th of July at Motsinger's Art in the Barn and every Ball Jar painting I had sold. So, I got to work on another. This one turned out to be quite preppy. The enormous amounts of rain we are having must have sent me wanting something bright and cheery - so here you go.

Back to Roaring Gap -- Dawn Motsinger and her husband Alfred open up their tree farm barn for the Independence holiday and convert it into an art gallery. Pottery, jewelry, painting and MUSIC fill the space. Everyone seems to have a talent for playing an instrument or singing, I am so jealous! People from all over come to Dawn's barn. There were Georgia, Texas and Virginia folks braving the rain to enter our artistic oasis. I was so happy to be included this year and so happy to have made new friends. I hope I stay in touch with them for years. Good people - good times!

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May 3, 2013

Pick up any popular interior design magazine and you?ll see a trend moving towards a more organic feel. Materials that look vintage and irregular are now on the top of list for many homeowners and designers alike.

I decided to temporarily trade in my normal fanfare of color for a more unprocessed subtle range of neutrals. My mission was to create a unique approach to art, capturing the natural beauty of burlap when mixed with paint.

The finished product results in a mixture of textures with many more burlap paintings to come. I hope you see them the way I do ? gritty, yet simple. "Burlapped" is now on display at 32 Broad Gallery in Brevard, NC.

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